MONQ Peace


MONQ Peace


Aromatherapy lovers might enjoy giving these a shot. As far as nicotine/vaping cessation devices go, despite the wide range of health related claims used, with “aromatherapy” brands like MONQ and MyMoods you likely aren’t going to gain much actual physical benefit from small amounts of these extracts. Unlike the possible benefits from vitamins, amino acids, etc found in brands like LUVV and others. And those products have natural extract flavorings as well so you’re still getting the same kind of aromatherapy experience. LUVV is also more affordable for what you’re getting, so is probably a better option for more frequent use if you’re trying to ditch vaping, especially since you can’t inhale MONQ into the lungs.

The best part about MONQ though, is their variety of essential oils. Each inhaler has a different blend, I was interested in the Peace blend of frankincense, citrus, and rosemary. The quality and draw felt pretty good. But as these aren’t cheap considering how long they last, I would probably try to limit how much you inhale at one time, and times throughout the day to make it last as long as possible and get your money’s worth, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it to someone trying to quit nicotine. It’s more just for the experience in the moment.


$30 per diffuser – no advertised number of uses

Essential oil blend with notes of rosemary, mandarin and frankincense 

Light peachy pink lightweight tube design

Ingredients: Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mandarin, Peppermint, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree & Glycerin

Wide variety of essential oils
Very expensive
Run out quickly
A little bitter

Author Bio

Paul Lewis
Paul, in his hometown of Los Angeles, co-owned a vape store with his friend and business partner. However, as time went on surrounded by vapes and addiction, they realized they wanted to go down a healthier path. Paul quit nicotine and wanted to help others do the same, converting his shop into a vitamin/health and wellness product store and juice bar.