MONQ Ocean


MONQ Ocean


I was excited to try this, as I always love a beachy vibe in any sense or form, the beach has always been my favorite place and I am passionate about the ocean. Eucalyptus is an oil I often use in my diffuser, so it was cool to see that in the Ocean, along with lime and tangerine that were refreshing. The ingredient list for the Ocean is so long, I have no idea how they are able to get so many different extracts into one little inhaler. There must be very minimal amounts of each, so I’m not really sure how you would get any of the advertised benefits of any essential oil.

The relaxing powers of essential oils are definitely not guaranteed to work for everyone, so I wouldn’t get this thinking it’s going to cure anxiety or provide any health benefits, but it can be calming and pleasant if you use it right. I think with aromatherapy it’s important to use it in the right setting and mindset to maximize what you get out of it, like during meditation, outdoors, in quiet, comfortable spaces, during breathing exercises, when you wake up and/or when you’re winding down for the day, etc.


Main notes of eucalyptus, lime and tangerine

Blue lightweight tube design

Essential oil blend

Ingredients: Bergamot, Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Cypress Leaf, Douglas Fir, Frankincense Frereana, Geranium, Himalayan Cedarwood, Juniper Leaf, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Litsea, Manuka, Neroli, Peppermint, Scotch Pine, Ylang-Ylang, Glycerin

Enjoyable flavor
Smooth draw
Not safe to inhale
Only 200 uses

Author Bio

James Gaffigan
James is a social butterfly known for being always on the move, whether it’s going to the beach to surf, hitting the gym, or working at his job as a bartender. He discovered vitamin vapes through a friend and thought they were the perfect addition to his busy routine, as he cared about his health – wanting to quit vaping and take supplements but not having the time.