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LUU Pods


EDIT: LUU has gone off the radar – they haven’t posted on Instagram (@luuinhaler) since November 2021, and their website doesn’t exist anymore. Because of this we are linking to an alternative nicotine-free pod option.

Some comments on their most recent post:

“when will you guys restock?” “well actually you can find all of LUU products on China websites like dh gate etc. All the pods n etc are on there too just under a different name. LUU hires them to put their brand name on it and sell it as the original luu. I stop using there products once I found that out lol.”
“I wanna order but the customer service seems nonexistent so until I hear back I’m gonna withhold my business” “Yeah I ordered some 3 or 4 weeks ago and they still haven’t shipped💀” “Everything says out of stock” “There was also a comment saying that the product contains ethanol.”

LUU Pods reminded me a lot of JUUL pods in terms of flavors, and in the fact that unlike a lot of no-nicotine substitutes, there aren’t any good ingredients that would constitute any beneficial experience outside of the act of vaping. This was odd to me because they advertise the products as “aromatherapy” devices but the different products are just listed as flavors, with no mention of any essential oil or natural extract that would qualify them as such.

These artificial flavors are all very chemical-tasting, fruity and sweet, with the exception of mint. They do have a decent variety to choose from though. The Peach and Blue Raspberry are definitely the ones to stay away from.

So this is really just for someone who wants to feel like they’re vaping an e-cig or is trying to quit nicotine, as there’s a pretty good cloud.

But with better alternatives out there it doesn’t really make sense to spend on these. The battery is pricey and didn’t last very long, and I saw other reviews noting the same. The quality also wasn’t amazing for the price and a few of the pods came leaking.

Overall, pretty average experience. LUU seems marketed to a younger demographic with its sweet flavors and simplicity, despite claiming to sell to 21+. I’m sure there’s people out there that might prefer these sweet flavors, and that nicotine smokers could use LUU pods as a replacement, but I personally would definitely not purchase again.


Each package contains 4 LUU pods. The blends are Mint, Peach, Pineapple, BlueberryBattery sold separately

Zero nicotine or CBD Hemp

Battery sold separately

Good cloud
Free shipping
Artificial, chemical-like flavors
No beneficial ingredients
Expensive battery that dies quickly

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Trish Walker
Trish has been a certified yoga instructor for the last 5 years. She has a passion for helping the people she teaches find inner peace and relieve stress through mindfulness and natural remedies. Trish loves using aromatherapy as a way to elevate her sessions and share the benefits of essential oils with her friends and students.