UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, the KININ Eco line of aromatherapy pods has been discontinued while they explore new product options. KININ (@kininco) hasn’t posted since September 2020, but even at the beginning of 2020, a lot of customers were complaining they never received their KININ Eco orders and that customer service was MIA, and asking about a restock. Their website ( is also offline.

I tried the Meditate, Relax, Focus and Indulge KININ Eco pods. The Meditate was definitely my favorite, and I even tried using it during a meditation. They were all pretty similar in their effects, and the different blends weren’t super distinct. I wouldn’t say the Focus increased my focus as much as just a general uplifting feeling. Generally, I didn’t have major issues with the product but not totally sure its worth the price in terms of a quality aromatherapy experience. Also, shipping took ages and no one ever got back to me when I tried asking about it.

The KININ Eco is advertised as a personal aromatherapy device, with 8 different pod blends of different essential oils for different vibes.

KININ “wellness pods” are advertised to last longer than a lot of other brands, however I wouldn’t say I noticed much of a difference in how long they lasted compared to others I’ve tried.

While it was a pleasant experience, I personally prefer using an actual essential oil diffuser with oils I can guarantee are top grade and effective, instead of risking the possibility of any oil in my lungs.


Rechargeable, reusable personal essential oil diffuser

Various blends of essential oil aromatherapy via pods

Pods snap in magnetically, charges off of standard USB power


Nice aromas
Convenient case
Didn't last as long as advertised
Possible danger of inhaling oils
Poor customer service

Author Bio

Trish Walker
Trish has been a certified yoga instructor for the last 5 years. She has a passion for helping the people she teaches find inner peace and relieve stress through mindfulness and natural remedies. Trish loves using aromatherapy as a way to elevate her sessions and share the benefits of essential oils with her friends and students.