InhaleHealth Sunburst Orange

Inhale Health

InhaleHealth Sunburst Orange


*EDIT: InhaleHealth has since discontinued their line of disposable vaporizers*


This is one of the two InhaleHealth vapes that have caffeine. As a coffee addict, I’m always interested in alternate way to get my energy fix. This Sunburst Orange vape was similar to the LUVV WAKE that I tried, but InhaleHealth’s citrus/raspberry flavor is a little different, a bit sweeter and not as enjoyable. The gold color is cool and I like the bar shape. It arrived pretty quickly which was nice, some companies I’ve had to wait up to two weeks.

They don’t specify a specific amount of caffeine in each inhaler, so I’m not really sure how many puffs I would need to feel especially energized. But I didn’t get much out of this aside from the initial rush and refreshment of inhaling it.


Notes of orange, clementine and raspberry

Rapid caffeine absorption for energy-on-the-go

Must be 18+ years of age to purchase

Unique fruity flavor
Fast shipping
Doesn't specify amount of caffeine
No free shipping, only refund unopened products
Only 300 uses
Inhale Health
Inhale Health

Author Bio

Paul Lewis
Paul, in his hometown of Los Angeles, co-owned a vape store with his friend and business partner. However, as time went on surrounded by vapes and addiction, they realized they wanted to go down a healthier path. Paul quit nicotine and wanted to help others do the same, converting his shop into a vitamin/health and wellness product store and juice bar.