InhaleHealth Strawberry Fields

Inhale Health

InhaleHealth Strawberry Fields


*EDIT: InhaleHealth has since discontinued their line of disposable vaporizers*


This feels a lot like a Juul or Puff bar because of the thin rectangular shape and artificially fruity flavor. The strawberry flavor/smell is very sweet and pungent. My girlfriend thought I had eaten a Jolly Rancher or something the first time I used it around her. Suffice it to say, she requested I stop using it.

It did start to feel pretty harsh on my throat and tasted more bitter and chemically after just a couple days. I think it’s definitely not as enjoyable as other B12 vapes I’ve tried, but if you prefer this flavor it could work for you as a nicotine replacement since it might be closer to what you’re used to. As far as the B12 goes, I didn’t feel any boost of energy or anything, but regardless having the vitamin intake can’t be a bad thing.



Notes of strawberry and kiwi

Good for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone at risk of B12 deficiency

Must be 18+ years of age to purchase

Comes in other flavors
Lots of reviews
Not the best flavor, almost bitter
Doesn't last long
No free shipping, no reshipments for lost orders
Inhale Health
Inhale Health

Author Bio

Paul Lewis
Paul, in his hometown of Los Angeles, co-owned a vape store with his friend and business partner. However, as time went on surrounded by vapes and addiction, they realized they wanted to go down a healthier path. Paul quit nicotine and wanted to help others do the same, converting his shop into a vitamin/health and wellness product store and juice bar.