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InhaleHealth Lavender Dream


*EDIT: InhaleHealth has since discontinued their line of disposable vaporizers*


I think this lavender and chamomile flavor is probably their best flavor in the line, but that’s just my preference, and I’m a bit partial to lavender. I think it’s much nicer right before bed than chocolate. I do think the lavender helped mellow me out a bit, but the draw was really weak so if you’re getting this as a e-cig/vape placeholder I would probably want to consider something else. It wasn’t as smooth as others I’ve tried, by the last draw it felt like I was almost sucking a thick shake out of a straw.

I wasn’t groggy at all in the morning the first time I used this about 10 times before bed, but I don’t know whether that could be directly attributed to the Lavender Dream or if I just happened to sleep well that night. They advertise 1.3mg of melatonin in 5-10 uses. In the past I’ve used around 5mg melatonin when I had trouble sleeping, but I think inhaling it makes you absorb it better so you don’t need as much.


Eliminate bad sleep habits with a rapid melatonin delivery system

Zero nicotine or Vitamin E acetate

40mg Melatonin with vegetable base

Must be 18+ years of age to purchase

Nice chamomile flavor with relaxing lavender
Lots of reviews
Only 300 uses
No free shipping
Only refund unopened products
Inhale Health
Inhale Health

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Trish Walker
Trisha has been a certified yoga instructor for the last 5 years. She has a passion for helping the people she teaches find inner peace and relieve stress through mindfulness and natural remedies. Trish loves using aromatherapy as a way to elevate her sessions and share the benefits of essential oils with her friends and students.