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InhaleHealth Honey Oat


*EDIT: InhaleHealth has since discontinued their line of disposable vaporizers*


Honey Bunches of Oats has been probably my favorite cereal for ages, so I was pretty interested in trying this one. I also love maple syrup. To be honest, the flavor was tasty but personally it’s not really something I want to vape. I prefer lighter, fresher flavors that are more invigorating, this was on the sweeter side and after too many uses it starts to become kinda overkill. If you really like candy, or are used to sweet, more artificial tasting vapes this might be great for you though! I think flavor in general is super subjective.

But otherwise, I think it’s cool that Inhale Health has multiple flavors for the same product, like this B12 one they also have in strawberry and “Super Fruit” which is like berry I believe. I just wish I liked the different flavors more, because it would be nice to have different ways of taking B12 in case you get tired of one flavor.

The bright yellow and other colors are a little much for me aesthetically, and their shipping/refund policy is pretty harsh. In general they have a decent product, just think there’s better options out there.


Notes of honey crisp cereal and maple

Vitamin B12 good for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone at risk of B12 deficiency

Must be 18+ years of age to purchase.

Sweet, good if you like syrup
Lots of reviews
Only 300 uses
No free shipping
Only refund unopened products
Inhale Health
Inhale Health

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Paul, in his hometown of Los Angeles, co-owned a vape store with his friend and business partner. However, as time went on surrounded by vapes and addiction, they realized they wanted to go down a healthier path. Paul quit nicotine and wanted to help others do the same, converting his shop into a vitamin/health and wellness product store and juice bar.