Inhale Vitamins Vita Babe

Inhale Vitamins

Inhale Vitamins Vita Babe


From what I could see from their website, Inhale Vitamins is like Australia/New Zealand’s copy of HealthVape. There’s a Calm, Energy, and B12 vape, and their calming vape also has B12. I would have definitely never have ordered these if it wasn’t to do a review, as shipping cost more than the product itself. It’s within the same price range as most similar products, but each disposable is only advertised to have 200 uses.

I like how Vita Babe is targeted specifically towards women, girl power always, but it’s just a marketing thing I guess. I don’t know how the ingredients have anything to do with women’s health specifically like they say. The colors are much cuter than the Energy ones though. It’s cool that they have different flavors for the same product, but they’re as artificial as you might expect and I really didn’t enjoy either one of them. I usually do like watermelon candies and what not but the watermelon flavor just was not it, and I usually don’t like peach so I’m biased on that one. People that prefer fruity, sweeter flavors could enjoy these.


Vitamin B12, rose flower, chaste tree berry, and lemon balm

Battery runs out when the e-liquid cartridge is empty

200+ breaths per disposable diffuser

Based in Australia

Watermelon or peach flavor
Cute colors
Vitamin B12
Most expensive for amount of use
Shipping from AUS
Artificial taste
Inhale Vitamins
Inhale Vitamins

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Julie Matthews
Julie is a university student currently studying English and Biology. She feels the widespread nicotine addiction of her generation is practically an epidemic. As she wants to be a teacher when she graduates, she’s passionate about children and hopes the next generation isn’t poorly influenced and choose to stay away from e-cigs.