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Inhale Vitamins

Inhale Vitamins Energy


From what I could see from their website, Inhale Vitamins is like Australia/New Zealand’s copy of HealthVape. I would have definitely never have ordered these if it wasn’t to do a review, as shipping cost more than the product itself. It’s within the same price range as most of the competition, but each disposable is only advertised to have 200 uses. I’m not sure how accurate this is as I didn’t want to continue using mine for long, the fruity flavors were too sweet, and while the peppermint was better it still felt really artificial and left a bad taste in my mouth.

I’ve gone on their site multiple times for the sake of our site, and at least half of their product line is always sold out at any given time. I think one of their main selling points is that they sell E-juice versions of their formulas, but I didn’t try these because I don’t own any vape I could put the juice in, and I think that whole process is messy and inconvenient in general.

For this Energy vape, it’s a plus how there’s 3 flavor options, however I didn’t especially enjoy any of them. I liked how this one also had guarana, a pretty unique ingredient. Overall there are definitely much better options for vitamin vapes with caffeine and B12, like HealthVape’s BOOST.


Vitamin B12, Guarana, Caffeine (1.5mg caffeine per 10 breaths)

Battery runs out when the e-liquid cartridge is empty

200+ breaths per disposable diffuser

Based in Australia

Banana, Blue Raspberry and Peppermint flavors
Harsh colors
Runs out very quickly
No customer reviews
Artificial taste
Inhale Vitamins
Inhale Vitamins

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Julie Matthews
Julie is a university student currently studying English and Biology. She feels the widespread nicotine addiction of her generation is practically an epidemic. As she wants to be a teacher when she graduates, she’s passionate about children and hopes the next generation isn’t poorly influenced and choose to stay away from e-cigs.