HealthVape Pods


HealthVape Pods


These are seriously awesome, at first glance it just looks like a JUUL, if you’re looking for a discrete nic replacement and seamless transition. But I think this battery lasts quite a bit longer, and obviously the pods are way better for you. The flavors are much less artificial tasting and overpowering than e-cigs I’ve used in the past. For the most part these HealthVape pods are just refreshing, which makes sense since each kind is flavored with natural extracts. Using these, I feel like I’ve graduated in my vaping experience in a lot of ways – health-wise, more subtle and enjoyable taste, and a smoother and overall more beneficial experience.

Taking my vitamins has always been a huge pain, I never know which ones I should be buying and reminding myself to take them regularly just does not end up happening. I try to be healthy but definitely wouldn’t say my diet is perfect, so when I saw how many vitamins could be packed into these tiny little pods, needless to say I was intrigued. Aside from just vitamins I like how easy it is to switch out between the caffeine and melatonin ones from day to night. Though quitting nicotine was a huge pain, making this switch really makes me feel like I’m doing something positive for myself. Now I can keep up on vitamin intake with little to no effort, and have other benefits in the process. This couldn’t be further from the nic vapes I used to be hooked on.


JUUL compatible pods work with your current battery, or you can order a rechargeable HealthVape battery

Attach the pod to your rechargeable battery and take a draw, after about 200 uses when the pod no longer produces any vapor, replace with a new one

No buttons to push, the battery will activate automatically when you breathe in, and automatically stop

To charge, attach the USB charger to the charging port and plug into a USB wall charger. The indicator light will turn on, and automatically turn off when the device is fully charged

Note: Battery is not included with individual pod purchases, only the Starter Packs

4-pack same price as one disposable but 300 extra uses
Refreshing tastes, good flavors
JUUL Battery compatible

Author Bio

James Gaffigan
James is a social butterfly known for being always on the move, whether it’s going to the beach to surf, hitting the gym, or working at his job as a bartender. He discovered vitamin vapes through a friend and thought they were the perfect addition to his busy routine, as he cared about his health – wanting to quit vaping and take supplements but not having the time.