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HealthVape CHILL


EDIT: The HealthVape CHILL now also comes in Lychee flavor!

I’ve struggled with mild panic attacks since college, even on medication. I also had tried taking ashwagandha pills, but don’t think those had much effect. When I first used the CHILL I liked the taste and the calming lavender, but didn’t expect it to actually help my anxiety since it’s been so persistent for so long.

HealthVape advertises quick and effective absorption of their vapor, and I think that this rapid absorption from the inhalation is just what I needed to actually make a difference, as panic attacks can come on so suddenly without warning. I use the CHILL around 10-15 times when I feel a panic attack coming on, and in between my mindful breathing exercises. Within about 20 minutes I feel much better. I think I’m going to start trying to use it less and less each time so it’s kind of like a safety net that will help me slowly be able to work through/stop anxiety on my own.

One that I was using stopped working sooner than usual and I was a little worried, but as soon as I let customer service know they shipped me a replacement super quickly, really grateful for them!


Calming blend of lavender, chamomile, passionflower and more

No harmful ingredients like diacetyl, no fillers like vitamin E acetate, no sugars, and no calories

Vitamin-infused concentrates are delivered through a water-soluble carrier base

HealthVape inhalers are NOT marketed as “essential oil diffusers” and do not contain any oils

Longest lasting on the market
Stylish pastel tube shape
Relaxing floral flavor
Lots of calming ingredients

Author Bio

Julie Matthews
Julie is a university student currently studying English and Biology. She feels the widespread nicotine addiction of her generation is practically an epidemic. As she wants to be a teacher when she graduates, she’s passionate about children and hopes the next generation isn’t poorly influenced and choose to stay away from e-cigs.