Cloudy Caffeine Diffuser


Cloudy Caffeine Diffuser


The Cloudy Caffeine diffuser is a small white tube design with orange lettering. I’m not sure what the difference between naturally occurring caffeine is from non-naturally occurring, but Cloudy specifies this detail. I used it throughout the morning and afternoon while working for about a week to see if it helped my energy levels.

The mango flavor was not the most enjoyable, it was pretty sweet and artificial tasting. I don’t know if it lasts as long as advertised as I didn’t want to finish it because of the flavor, and because I wasn’t noticing a difference in my energy levels. But other Cloudy diffusers I have tried didn’t last as long as advertised. Also like the other Cloudy diffusers, it’s not well made and feels cheap for the price. There’s definitely better options for caffeine diffusers out there.


Mango flavor, naturally occurring caffeine and B12 blend

Advertised as an aromatherapy product

$20 per diffuser, multipack discounts

400-600 uses per diffuser

Specify to not fully inhale into the lungs

Caffeine and B-12
Cheaply made
Runs out quickly
Chemical taste

Author Bio

James Gaffigan
James is a social butterfly known for being always on the move, whether it’s going to the beach to surf, hitting the gym, or working at his job as a bartender. He discovered vitamin vapes through a friend and thought they were the perfect addition to his busy routine, as he cared about his health – wanting to quit vaping and take supplements but not having the time.