Vaping Vitamins – the Best Substitute for Nicotine

Vaping Vitamins – the Best Substitute for Nicotine


Nicotine is the most favorite and socially tolerable drug out there. For years, it has been smoked, chewed, and even injected. Many devices have been invented over the years, such as hookah, bongs, and even vapes. 

First, the shift from cigarettes to vapes aimed to convert the nicotine-addicted population to a less risky option. However, with the increase in technology, the vaping industry is searching for healthier options. The latest trend in the market is Vaping Vitamins. 

Vitamin Vapes as substitute

Nicotine helps to elevate the mood by activating a specific part of your brain to make you happy. However, it increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and lung cancer in the long run. On the other hand, shifting to vitamin vapes will help provide the body with the daily vitamin intake and such diseases in the future. 

The best part about these vitamin vapes is that they do not contain any sugar, caffeine, or nicotine. Hence, it is not addictive but a healthy option. Vitamin Vapes can provide any vitamin the user wants to consume. Vitamins such as B12, B6, C, D, A, and others can now be taken in by breathing a mist. 

The Best Vitamin Vapes

Here are three kinds of vitamin vapes which you can use without any side effects. 

B12 Vape Pen

B12 deficiency can cause vision loss, pale skin, weakness, and tiredness. Instead of taking pills for B12, it can also be consumed using vapes. Vitamin Vape can serve as an excellent substitute for vegetarians who have low vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for the body since it helps produce red blood cells and DNA. 

Caffeine Vape Pen

The caffeine vape pen is an excellent substitute for people who are trying to quit smoking and caffeine. It helps reduce the intake of nicotine and caffeine but still helps keep you active and go about the day. 

Moreover, this is also suitable for the population with general intolerance of caffeine who wants to access caffeine benefits in the morning. 

Melatonin Vape Pen

Melatonin helps to improve the sleeping pattern; hence it does wonders to people who have trouble sleeping. Just a few puffs before bedtime can help you have a peaceful sleep.

People are raving about the Melatonin Vape pen, which has helped them relax and fix their routines. 

Final Thought 

Vitamin Vape is not only for people with nicotine addiction but also for those who have vitamin deficiencies. There haven’t been any complaints as yet regarding the use of vitamin vapes. However, make sure to conduct thorough research about the kind of vaporizers you should invest in to get the best experience. 

Other than this, vitamin vapes are a great solution for teenagers who have fallen into the trap of vape socializing. It is the perfect solution for them to use vapes without any harm.