InhaleHealth Super Fruit

Inhale Health

InhaleHealth Super Fruit


*EDIT: InhaleHealth has since discontinued their line of disposable vaporizers*


I liked the fruity flavor, but I don’t think I liked it as much as the BOOST HealthVape’s berry flavor, also a B12 vape, because that one is also a bit minty. The mint balances out the sweetness of the fruit and making it feel more refreshing to puff on for longer than just a couple hits. In terms of design, I think the color is one of the best of their line and more easy on the eyes.

There also isn’t an indicator light like the BOOST has, so I didn’t know when it was running out and the last few hits tasted really burnt.


Notes of berry, citrus and açai

Good for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone at risk of B12 deficiency

Must be 18+ years of age to purchase

Good fruity flavor
Lots of reviews
Flavor dies out quickly
Only 300 uses
No free shipping, only refund unopened products
Inhale Health
Inhale Health

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James Gaffigan
James is a social butterfly known for being always on the move, whether it’s going to the beach to surf, hitting the gym, or working at his job as a bartender. He discovered vitamin vapes through a friend and thought they were the perfect addition to his busy routine, as he cared about his health – wanting to quit vaping and take supplements but not having the time.