Melatonin – the Cure for Sleepless Nights

Melatonin – the Cure for Sleepless Nights


Sleep is one unattainable commodity that is only reserved for a few fortunate people. Across the world, people have been complaining about sleepless nights due to overburdening responsibilities and aging. Data from the sleep cycle shows that no country has regularly achieved 8 hours of sleep. 

Sleep is vital to function correctly throughout the day. Lack of sleep can make you less productive, unhappy, depressed and can also lead to health issues in the future.

When you get into bed, it is impossible not to think about the chores and deadline for the next day. However, there is a solution to this problem!

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain to control your sleep cycle. It is often known as the sleep hormone, which helps to fall asleep. However, it is not produced at times due to stress, aging, and drugs. 

Over time, the use of Melatonin has gained popularity amongst people who are sleep deprived and jet-lagged. Melatonin is available in many countries in the form of a pill, which you can get over the counter without a prescription. 

Why use Melatonin Vape?

Melatonin supplements have been promoted for years for a good night’s sleep. Now, it is available as a vape, claiming to deliver results faster. It is because vaping Melatonin reaches directly into the lungs. In the case of a pill, it has to go through digestion and then call the brain, which takes a while. 

How to use Melatonin Vape 

Supplements consumed should be used in moderation. Therefore, the same logic is also used in Melatonin Vapes. The ideal dose for a melatonin pill is between 0.2mg to 5mg. Hence, just a few puffs of Melatonin will help you sleep at night. 

Sometimes the effect of Melatonin takes a while. Therefore, it is suggested to use it for a week to see the difference in your sleeping pattern. In case you cannot sleep even after inhaling Melatonin after a week or two, it is suggested to stop the intake and seek help from your health care provider. 

Final Thought

Over time melatonin pills have helped improve the sleeping pattern for many people across the world—however, Melatonin Vape aids in speeding up the process and gives better results. Besides, the use of Melatonin even supports eye health and treat stomach ulcers.

However, it is crucial to understand the process thoroughly and make sure to use it in moderation!