VitaBar B12

Vitamin B12 Vape

VitaBar B12


I’ve recommended this to so many people, I can’t get enough of the berry mint flavor and actually feel like I’m doing my body good with the B12. I finally actually enjoy taking my vitamins! I love how it’s so different from everything else on the market, actually feeling like I could be improving my health while vaping instead of harming it is a game changer. Anxiety and fatigue have plagued me for years and this has been more of a help than I would’ve thought.

I hadn’t heard of L-Theanine before I came across this product, but from what I read online it seems to tackle both of those problems. One bar lasted me at least a couple weeks, but someone using it a lot more, like if they’re using it as a nicotine replacement, might go through it quicker. But I just used it when I wanted a boost of energy or to help me lock in on work, and I think what I got out of it was worth the price.


Wild berry and mint natural extracts flavor this B-vitamin and amino acid blend for focus and energy

Ingredients: Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, L-Theanine, L-Lysine, Taurine

Zero nicotine, oils, vitamin E acetate, diacetyl, harmful or addictive chemicals

Small compact design
Great unique flavor
Long lasting

Author Bio

Paul Lewis
Paul, in his hometown of Los Angeles, co-owned a vape store with his friend and business partner. However, as time went on surrounded by vapes and addiction, they realized they wanted to go down a healthier path. Paul quit nicotine and wanted to help others do the same, converting his shop into a vitamin/health and wellness product store and juice bar.