Ripple Relax


Ripple Relax


I tried using the Ripple Relax during finals week, as I’m sure it goes without saying that I could use as much stress relief help as I could get. After really loving the VitaBar CHILL I was curious to see how this would compare, since it also has chamomile, and I was intrigued by the jasmine as that’s something I hadn’t seen before. It has a similar shape to the VitaBar, but these seem to have about half the variety of ingredients.

I enjoyed the flavor, I didn’t get the jasmine super strongly but the slight lemon zest was nice. It didn’t relax me any more than the VitaBar has in the past, but it was enjoyable to use. I think the lavender flavored one could potentially have more of an effect for me since I have enjoyed those in the past and like using lavender essential oil to relax.

Overall I think The Ripple Co definitely tries to appeal to the youth with their look and overall vibe. Each device is advertised to have 400 uses, but if you like to inhale for longer than a second like I do, I experienced it ends up coming out to far less.


Jasmine aroma and soothing extracts to help you to unwind naturally

Ingredients: Chamomile extract, lemon balm extract, natural flavorings, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol

Nice smell and flavor
Cool packaging
No free shipping
Runs out quicker than advertised

Author Bio

Julie Matthews
Julie is a university student currently studying English and Biology. She feels the widespread nicotine addiction of her generation is practically an epidemic. As she wants to be a teacher when she graduates, she’s passionate about children and hopes the next generation isn’t poorly influenced and choose to stay away from e-cigs.