MyMoods Meditate


MyMoods Meditate


Meditation is one of my favorite parts of the day, using mindfulness to connect with myself and let go of stress. I love using essential oils to create a zen atmosphere in my room before I start. I’ve tried lots of these personal diffusers, and I’m not sure how I feel about them in comparison to a normal, classic essential diffuser.

The MyMoods Meditate has 7 different oils, which I think is a bit much in one blend, and it wasn’t as woody as I would have expected, but still not bad. The cloud is pretty weak and it did start to taste a little burnt after a couple days so I didn’t use it very long. Just want to remind any possible customers not to inhale this into your lungs, I don’t know if they use actual oil in these but oils shouldn’t go in your lungs!


De-stressing essential oil blend for quieting the mind 

Ingredients: Frankincense Lavender Oil Cedar wood Oil Neroli Patchouli Sandal Rosemary

Blueish purple and gold tube design

Low price
Variety of essential oils
Runs out quickly
Cheaply made

Author Bio

Trish Walker
Trish has been a certified yoga instructor for the last 5 years. She has a passion for helping the people she teaches find inner peace and relieve stress through mindfulness and natural remedies. Trish loves using aromatherapy as a way to elevate her sessions and share the benefits of essential oils with her friends and students.